Sagittariuss y sagittarius son compatibles

As parents, it is better to have Pisces parents and Sagittarius children as Pisces are over devoted and concerned. But talking about business venture, it is better they keep away as Sagittarius is easy-going while Pisces is indecisive and together they cannot go well with financial dealings. Sagittarius should learn that throwing harsh words towards the Pisces is only going to hurt them and Pisces should know that bending the truth to make a situation seem better only infuriate the Sagittarius causing argument and controversy.

On the upside of things, they share an interest and a fascination with faith and spirituality.


Although Sagittarius finds their inner truth on this level and Pisces feels the strength from it, they share in the discoveries together. If these two can concentrate on the positive and simplicities of their qualities and not so much on what makes them different from each other, their relationship may possibly work, but it takes some effort on both the sides.

The chemistry was definitely there for us both. Anyway instead of breaking up with me he cheated on me with her. So I ended the relationship. He could have just been with her from the start. He could have just ended it with me and been with her instead he had to cheat on me. Pices men allow other people to make up their minds for them. They are easily swayed. Also I found they have to have a secret life no matter what it is which will drive saggies insane being the truth seekers of the zodiac.

I am sag boy been on a relationship with a pisces girl for few month, and I will say there is not one and only truth about relationships. I am very much physical but although she tried to mach with me I felt like the relationship is going fade day by day. Only I felt deep inside what I knew or what I felt about her.. I have a pisces friend who lies a lot and he has married a saggitarius woman not sure once they move in together what will happen.

I was attracted to him the day we met and he says the same out of this world.

I am a Piscean Male. I am rather picky when it comes to the person who i pledge my absolute devotion, but one day i met a Saggitarius. She wowed me to a point of absolute captivation and i fell in love with her. When a pisces love this deeply, there is nothing that can sever the bond that he creates with the person whom he decided to give his love to.

She is indeed everything i could possibly want in a woman and i was willing to take on the world just to prove to her my love. I spread myself thin as well, being a pisces we tend to have a hero complex and believe we could help everyone. She is a ball of fire and passion, sometimes too hot to handle but i always knew that i was the only one who could handle her, unscathed.

I didnt prioritize her when i should have and we seperated. However that passion and love that was built between us could never be messured by anyone else and we always found each other again…attracted and in love fully. She is the most amazing, most extrodinary woman i have had the pleasure of knowing. In my 2 experiences with Sagg men as a Pisces woman my bday Feb. I will explain why… I met the first 1 Sagg his bday Dec. When we first met he had to have me and I was very curious about him.

Anyway, after a month of school he asked me out, I was soo happy but realized he was too affectionate. The next day of him asking me out he was kissing all over me. I mean evey 5 mins. I had saw myself being 16 and pregnant so I thought it was best to break it off.

Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility | Ask Oracle

He was heartbroken and asked lived loved him. I was really thinking this boy is crazy. But I did still like him very much so we stayed friends…. As he became stronger I became weaker… We would spend everyday and night with each other. It was a mess because during school we acted mutual but at home it was just him and I. I started to feel like he was the only man for me, I was beyond loyal to him. He knew I wanted to get married before sex and I just wanted commitment. He saw a post on FB that I had moved. For Xmas break I visit my mom and decided to reach out to my Mr.

After a week I decide to call him and the next day he comes over…. That leads me two Sagg 2 I met Sagg 2 his bday Nov. The moment he laid eyes on me it was obvious that he liked me. He became the person I depended on. Well, are friendship grew in 4yrs but during those yrs while I was out of state we would talk on the phone for hours and there was a 3hr gap time zone… Eventally my love for him as just my best friend grew to something more.

So after Sagg 1 broke my heart, I connected with Sagg 2. Two months later me and Sagg 2 was a couple and at 22 I lost my virginity…. In the beginning things were beautiful.

How to Navigate Your Relationship With Your Mom, According to Her Sign

Her insistence on doing things by the books seems, well, ridiculous. You know that rules were meant to be revised and updated to roll with the times. Although you'll later appreciate the stability she provided for you, it's just not your speed. But here's where you could really learn: The earth sign mom may be materialistic but she doesn't burn through resources a fire sign pitfall. Stability and sufficiency are not qualities to sneeze at, even if they are easy to take for granted.

Hang the family crest! Nothing says, "tradition, tradition! From Sunday night pot roasts to soccer games to holidays with all the trimmings, you're totally simpatico on such things. There's a serene stability between you but this can also be a mixed bag. It's hard for other people to penetrate such a strong family vibe and that can become a little insular. Plus, you may need some outside interference in order to break out of old habits and patterns that are in need of an updated perspective.

Ultimately, the abiding sense of safety, material security, and respect that you share is a good thing as long as it doesn't hold you back from life's necessary risks.

Sagittarius As A Father Personality Traits

You're a migratory free bird, she's the flamekeeper of the nest—and that puts you a bit at odds. As much as you appreciate her caring consistency, it may feel as if the earth sign mom is clipping your wings. Or maybe that she doesn't understand that you're a peacock that fans its ornate feathers instead of flapping like a neutral-colored sparrow. Trying to make her understand the "eccentric" parts of your personality can be an exercise in futility. She'll only get it to the extent that she allows herself to color outside the lines, which isn't much usually. But being unique isn't her core value; security and tradition are.

Be thankful when you invariably hit her up for a loaner or a crash pad in between your wild flights of fancy. Sweet stability! The earth sign mother is your rock and best friend—and she'll love the way you lean on her. When your emotions flare up, she can talk you down from the tree. Sometimes, however, you'll wish she wasn't so damn logical. But what she lacks in empathy, she makes up for in her problem-solving abilities and that is something you'll happily depend on.

Make sure to develop your own internal compass and coping skills though so it's not always like, "Gotta call mom! Playful, mercurial air sign women are the fun moms of the zodiac who can spew the slang and keep up with all the coolest music and happenings. Even if she wasn't on the pulse, she would happily listen, learn, and never judge you for trying new things. No doubt, as a teenager, your friends dropped by to visit both you and her. And she probably regaled with tales from her own halcyon days while creating a non-judgmental space for your pals to talk about their problems.

Fashion-forward, you could even share a wardrobe with your air sign mama: she could break a trend before its Snapchat or Instagram debut. Vanguard ideas, cultural edification and self-exploration is what this mother values. In addition to handing you books and signing you up for ballet, ceramics, and kids' yoga, she might have dragged you along to communication workshops, museum exhibitions, bluegrass festivals, and more—something you will greatly appreciate later in life.

Social butterflies, you may fight to get a word in edgewise as she's chatting with her 1, friends, and that can feel frustrating for a kid. If you want her full attention, meet somewhere private and insist on a "no cell phones" block of time so you aren't distracted by her bleeping, blinging and probably bedazzled device.

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Let the good times roll! The air sign mom is the wind beneath your wings, always bringing fresh ideas, adventure, and out-of-the-box inspiration to share. In many ways, she feels younger than you. She's on a constant voyage of discovery but tends to change course more quickly than you.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

As a result, you may feel more adult in this parent-child configuration, and that can dull your own adventurous spirit. But she'll also be your BFF, the person with whom you can share anything. Even if she's off to her next social engagement before your problems have been solved, at least she'll have left you with great advice so you can get yourself back on track. Your air sign mother will be an enigma to you. Her gypsy soul and ability to make friends with any stranger but periodically blow off the people she has known for years, like, say, her own mom confounds you.

For you, family loyalty is everything. She considers her BFFs her fam and her bloodline in the same category.

There can be a strangely competitive dynamic here as if your mother is always occupying the space of the trendsetting cool girl while you're left playing the heavy. Comparing yourself to her is futile but she can show you to lighten up while you can remind her that breezing around and making upbeat small talk does not a legit connection make. You'll definitely be teachers for each other, even if the lessons are hard to take in at times. Like a cool, refreshing breeze, everything can be so chill in this mother-kid combo.

Neither one of you likes to make a huge fuss out of anything. You'd rather explore the metaphysical meaning, pick it apart intellectually, or turn it into a viral meme that makes everyone die laughing. Talking and talking You're both social and people-oriented—expect a full house and a rotating cast of guests to pop by. These two get along but when they get into a disagreement the father yields first then the child follows. At the end of it all their friendship is restored. The Sagittarius father is inventive and his ideas intrigue the Virgo child.

These two both lift each other up by being delighted in the ideas that each of them hold. The Sagittarius father treats the Scorpio child as his best friend as they share a lot in common. Both the father and the child have numerous hobbies that they enjoy involving themselves in together. The friendly Sagittarius father loves communicating with the Pisces child. With a Sagittarius man, a child can have a best friend, an advisor, and a wonderful father all in one. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Username or Email Address.

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