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In classical astrology, Gulika is considered as a minor planet or subplanet. By dividing Dinamanna i. The first part of the time is ruled by the lord of the day like Sun for Sunday, Moon for Monday. The part of time which falls after the time ruled by Saturn belongs to Gulika. Similarly for fixing Gulika in night birth, we take Ratrimanna i. Here the eighth part too belong to Saturn and is called Gulika.

Rising time for Gulika during the day for seven days for Sunday to Saturday is at 26, 22, 18, 14, 10, 6 and 2 ghatis from the time of sunrise. For night, the order from Sunday onwards is 10, 6, 2, 22, 18, and 14 ghatis from sunset.

Upagrahas in Vedic Astrology (Dhooma, Chapa, Gulika, Mandi, Vyava, Parivesha etc)

Here the cusp of the sign rising at the beginning of the Gulika segment is considered as Gulika. First House - Native posses cruel attitude, suffer from eye problems. Hate classical and traditional literature and rituals. Always cursing himself. Second House - Speaks ill of others.

Gulika And Their Effect In Twelfth House – Astro Pankaj Seth

Involve himself in domestic troubles. Face financial hardship. Third House - Proudy, selfish and remain aloof from society. Fond of drinking and always fighting with siblings. Fourth House - Lives in dirty atmosphere. Shortage of funds and no pleasure of any conveyance.

Fifth House - Worries on account of children. Dogmatic views and lack higher education. Sixth House - Involve himself in many vices and suffers from its ill effects. Always troubled by enemies. Seventh House - Character doubtful and spoils reputation in family circle — Suspicious about spouse.

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Eighth House - Life full of unending troubles. Suffer from chronic diseases — speak ill of others. Always threat to longevity. Nakshatras 1,10 and 19 from each other are mutually trinal. Gulika spoils the benefic significations of most of the houses by occupying them. Thus, all troubles ensue when Gulika occupies the lagna.


In the second house, it curtails family comforts and financial savings. Poor social status results when Gulika occupies the fourth house.

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In the fifth, it leads to troubles from progeny And so on. In the tenth house, however, it indicates delay in getting established in a career. Gulika with natural Karakas The association of Gulika with a natural Karaka always destroys the good effects of that Karaka. Classics hold the opinion that Gulika conjunct with the Sun creates lack of comforts for father, with the Moon it is bad for mother, and with Mars it is adverse for brother. With Jupiter, the native becomes a hypocrite.

Gulika with Venus brings troubles from women and ruins marital life. Association with Saturn leads to disease and skin disorder, with Rahu it leads to proneness to infection, and with Ketu fear from fire. Gulika can alter the results of other planetary yogas in the chart. All good yogas are lost when the birth time and the gulika-kaala coincide together with another inauspicious factor like Mahapaata, Gandanta, Visha-Ghati, etc. This point must be taken into consideration when the lethal potential of a planet is to be determined.

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This is better known as the Pramaana Gulika in Vedic astrology. The dispositor of Gulika or Pramaana Gulika may prove fatal during its dasha, etc. This is according to the prashna Marrga, which states. It is used in the judgement of longevity, along with dasha and transit. In Chara movable signs, they lead to good health and long life.

टैग: Effect of Mandi or Gulika in Vedic Astrology

Such a native is disease prone and accident prone. A special rule for assessment of longevity involves using the cusp of the lagna and the longitudes of the Sun, the Moon and Gulika. However, if Mrityu is bigger than the sum of Prana and Deha, a sudden end of life is indicated.

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The native met a tragic end. The month when the Sun transits the resultant sign leads to troubles and miseries. The resulttant 'rashi' is to be considered fata. The month, the day and the lagna indicated by the sum obtained above must be avoided in all major ventures. When Gulika is in any of the first six rashis Mesha to Kanya , consider the transit of Jupiter from the Gulika rashi.

When it is in the last six signs Tula to Meena , consider the transit from Gulika navamsha rashi. Raja -yoga from Gulika The Phaladeepika states. The dispositor of Gulika, or its navamsha lord, placed in a kendra or trikona, or in its own sign or in exaltation, nullifies the adverse effects of Gulika and gives yoga effects, though its lethal propensity markatwa would remain intact. This would defy the evil arising out of an adverse disposition of Gulika. Do you like this article? May Views : Learn : Mundane Astrology Future Point.

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