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You had a taste of this on the romantic front last year, but it is on the relationship front that this will draw your attention from the get go. That there is any focus on your relationships in the New Year is not the norm, with June and July the months when the solar spotlight is on your relationships. In your relationship sector from November to May , the North Node has brought the element of fate into play, along with the potential for major new beginnings. The lunar nodes always act as a balance and throughout they will police a balance between your personal and relationship needs.

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The lunar nodes also determine where the eclipses fall, which bring the element of fate into play. The North Node is a lucky and auspicious force, second only to lucky Jupiter himself and while it is here all year, it is when the planets start to return to your relationship sector that you will really feel this.

The total solar eclipse on 4th July will be the epicentre.

Yet while there are major developments on the relationship front this year, there are equally major developments on the romantic front. It is while Mars is here that Uranus, who made a short six month visit last year, before retrograding back out, will return on 6th March.

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Once he returns the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected is now here until However, the real magic happens when Venus moves through, from 15th May to 9th June. Calls recorded for your protection, Max call duration 19 minutes for number.

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These services are for entertainment only. UK only. To opt out of free promo messages call Helpline: SP: Inveroak. At work, you are ready to make decisions when that job you regret not chasing last time comes up again. But you may have been resisting getting to know that person a friend so often says is perfect for you.

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Venus travels with Mars and Mercury in the deepest part of your chart, so love can be all you hope for and a special bit more. The moon is in your communication chart and instead of thinking too much about what you should say, it is time to use simple words and show affection when you have that important chat with family. The imagination of Mercury, the energy of Mars and the charm of Venus work together to make you the most adventurous sign.

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Your partner is surprised in all the right ways. You have a choice between a showy Leo and romantic Taurus. As for your love life, it will take three dates with that potential new love before you really feel totally at ease with each other.

Although admirable to stick to your budget, do take notice of your emotional reaction to property, too. The luck friends share is linked to a sport and music event. Sign in. All Football.

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