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Find out more. Home Horoscope - By Pt. Onkar Nath Pisces Horoscope. Pisces Horoscope. Pisces horoscope shows some uncertainties at work. Variations at work might lead to a change in your line of work. Work in a partnership only after developing a mutual understanding first.

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A rise in work pressure might stress you put, Pisces. Handle business work carefully after April. Take calculated decisions and avoid hasty actions. A new project might face delays due to absence of employees.

Its characteristics are the need for complete transcendence of material, strong idealism, impracticality, psychic depth, spirituality, empathy, and self-sacrifice. It symbolizes ultimate ending of self-confinement to material and personal, merging with absolute, sea, ocean and the subconscious. Pisces people are creative, self-sufficient people.

They have a natural ability for understanding complex material, but this is accomplished by "absorbing" the knowledge rather than studying it. Their minds are extremely active, due to their strong imagination.

They sense and feel things that others are not aware of. This trait makes it very difficult for people to lie to them, for they intuitively know when they are being deceived. Pisceans are congenial, adaptable, and versatile people, but they do not have strong willpowers or a dynamic approach to life. This insecurity causes them to seek reassurance from others. Pisces are sensitive, sympathetic, usually gentle, with an inborn reluctance to hurt others or to face any sort of confrontations.

Because of this, they can become involved in very difficult emotional situations which they find extremely difficult to break. They intuitively know they are being used, but seem unable to get themselves out of their predicament. This difficulty stems from the fact that Pisceans think with their heart rather than their head, so are easily "used" by others. They are very sympathetic toward the helpless or downtrodden. Their inborn desire to escape from physical living can be used constructively through creativity.

If in trouble, they may attempt to rationalize their way out, rather than face the consequences of their behavior. They are generous with their time in helping other people. But, unless they are evolved, they will expect something in return. They always feel their best when they are serving others in some capacity. By using their compassion outwardly for others, they will not become moody and introverted.

Their greatest need is to learn to understand their emotional ups and downs. The higher aspect would see them rising to great heights of self-denial and attainment. Pisces like all other zodiac signs contains three Nakshatra or lunar mansion, which are one third of the Purva Bhadra Nakshatra , entire Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra and entire Revati Nakshatra. Intuition and faith must guide you with this particular energy patterns.

Once you function with your higher self, you will have all the faith you need.

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Bring great peace within by planting the seeds of insight, joyful human experiences and faith. Pisces rules the lymph gland system, which protects against all foreign bacteria and viruses. Pisces is also directly connected with the amount of mucus in our bodies.


Planets afflicted in Pisces may cause lymphatic problems, swollen glands, and susceptibility to colds, flu, and poor circulation. The healing process may take longer for Pisces individuals.

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To develop stronger constitutions, Pisceans should be treated with water or alternative medicines. All occupation related to Jupiter, Neptune and the twelfth house but not related to Sagittarius, it includes all careers related with the Mysterious, Obscure, Secret, Solitude, Sea and Imagination. This denotes a restless, impressionable and mediumistic disposition. There is some impelling force pushing him toward good or ill unconsciously.

He is kind, and just and sentimental. He rarely understands himself or his emotions. He is inclined to be secretive, is receptive and often inspired. It awakens all the latent sensitiveness of the sign Pisces. It also provides a keen internal aspiration to become a channel through which the forces of good may flow. This position provides the native more persistency and the ability to utilize the virtues of Pisces without all it's vices.

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The third Decan of Pisces ascending encourages the weaker side of the sign. It intensifies the selfish and jealous tendencies. Conventionality and the material side of life are cultivated.