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Reading Your Cosmic Map ~ An Astrological Adventure

Love it! Houses are a segment of the sky relating to a certain direction.

What do the planets symbolize?

There are two key connections between houses and planets. First, a planet influences the matters of the house in which the planet is located.

Reading Your Cosmic Map ~ An Astrological Adventure | Stargazer Li *

The final type of adverb is an aspect. This is an interaction of energies between two planets, showing whether they harmonize or clash. Aspects are divisions of the zodiac circle into various fractions. Oftentimes, when you see a chart wheel, there is a pattern of interlocking lines drawn between the planets — these represent the aspects. The subject is the person, entity or event that the chart is describing.

12 Zodiac Signs

Now you know why beginning moments are so important: because any entity takes on the energy present at the time it begins. With that in mind, carefully choose the times you begin actions. You can almost think of them interchangeably but with the nuance of the distinctions listed above. These are the most emphasized traits in a person.

Free Moon Map:

An example might be a person who has the Sun no matter what the sign in the 7th House which rules relationships , and the Moon in Libra natural sign of relationships , along with Venus ruling planet of love conjunct meaning teamed up with Jupiter a beneficial influence of increase. This person loves easily, perhaps too easily! First look at the Sun and Moon to understand their signs and houses, as well as the lunar phase during which you were born discussed in my article Overview of Astrology.

It shows the lenses through which you look at life and the personality you show the world. Night of 8 to 9 October Why the sky is constantly changing?

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  • This causes the "rises" and "sets" of the stars. In addition, the stroke of the Earth around the Sun shows us a different portion of the sky depending on the time of year.